A Disturbing Discussion About Innovation

Research Meets Artisty Meets Commercialisation

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An open discussion about the potential synergies between collaborations of researchers, artists and entrepreneur or corporate enterprises.

Technology leaves no stone unturned and artists tend to be a little more comfortable trying out new things than scientists or companies do. This often leads to artists gaining by being the first to incorporate a novel technology into their works. How can companies and entrepreneurs collaborate with artists in order to learn from their experiences with new and emerging technologies? How can research become more accessible? What are the contextual variables that can make an existing tech find new purpose and relevance, etc.

It might seem easy to look back, from the perspective of one specific successful launch of a creative tech product and find evidence of the role of successive inventions and innovations to lead to this “breakthrough”, but actually things are a lot less fluid and traceable moving forward in this relation between research/exploration, artistry and business.

Researchers, artists and innovators from a variety of areas will be talking about the promises of technology transfer as seen from universities, the reality of running a creative tech business on top of research, and the hurdles and risks for artists who are applying the unknown into their works.

Befor the roundtable starts, we are going to have a showcase of The Glad Scientist who will demo his artistc approach of using research in neuroscience for his VR + Brain Machine Interface audiovisual performance.


Eric Bear | Monkey
Esther Zahn | UXFTT
Martine-Nicole Rojina | MPATHY
Daniel Sabio | The Glad Scientist

Moderator: Matthias Strobel


Thursday, 14th of March 2019, 2.00 pm – 3.30 pm

GERMAN HAUS at SXSW | 410 E 6th St, Austin | TX 78701, USA