New Industries And Cross-Sector Innovation

Creative Technology Collaborations Across Verticals

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Corporations have traditionally been built upon one key product, eventually expanding their business based on that. R&D departments have been focusing on improving those existing product lines or identifying supporting business models.

This previously successful strategy has now fundamentally been changed by the rapid development of new technologies and require corporations to rethink and reinvent their business models. An influx of startups which are more flexible and able to adjust to the ever-changing environment are increasingly outperforming their corporate counterparts. While corporations have a hard time at identifying new opportunities, startups have a significant unfair advantage over corporate enterprises. They thrive in reimagining what’s possible, can get to market faster and learn faster than their heavy-weight competitors. Even if they fail at the development of a product the first time, they can still manage to pivot and get back on track. Therefore, it is essential for established enterprises to embrace external innovation and engage with entrepreneurs.

This panel of experts in emerging technologies and digital transformation will discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead for successful innovation through collaborations with external forces.


Gustavo Borja | TRIGGOLABS
Lucas Persona | CI&T
Jim Sengl | Mediennetzwerk Bayern
Hanna Marie Asmussen | Localyze

Moderator: Freya Ohle


Tuesday, 12th of March 2019, 12.00 pm – 1 pm

GERMAN HAUS at SXSW | 410 E 6th St, Austin | TX 78701, USA