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Curation Of Events At The Intersection Of Art, Science & Technology

Creating Meaningful Experiences

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The nature of festivals and conferences has changed.

For centuries, festivals were created around one form of art. Conferences were mostly industry driven and consisted of one directional formats.

Those lines are blurring and people from various backgrounds with different expectations collate on events these days. Content of festive attractions are blending together with sessions of experts who are eager to sharing their knowledge. Areas are more interconnected as a whole.

However, the broad variety of people who are attending festivals and conferences today makes it difficult for curators to create satisfying experiences for everyone. Audiences expect attractions and content that transcends the traditional with the newest, most exciting advancements in entertainment, art, science, technology, and innovation.

To still stay entertaining and make knowledge sharing more accessible and relevant to people requires carefully crafted content and constant information about trends from curators.

The addition of art elements and content that features creative approaches to emerging technologies allow multiple touch points that create new integrated experiences which are much more than just a siloed experience of going to a concert or a panel discussion. Festival and conference environments who want to stay relevant need to re-invent themselves every year.

What are the hurdles and opportunities for the curation of those events?

This panel of curators who have a longstanding expertise in programming festivals at the intersection of art, science and technology will shine light on the complex process of festival curation today.


Ronit Wolf | Münchner Science & Fiction Festival
Ulrich Schrauth | VRHam
Alexander Schulz | Reeperbahn Festival
Akira Kono | Content Tokyo

MODERATION: Claudia Schwarz


Tuesday, 12th of March 2019, 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm

GERMAN HAUS at SXSW | 410 E 6th St, Austin | TX 78701, USA