CreativeTech Days at GERMAN HAUS @ SXSW March 12th , 2019 CreativeTech Days at GERMAN HAUS @ SXSW March 12th , 2019
March 12th, 2019
Event Schedule
9.30 am – 12.00 am

Breakfast Pitch Club

What can be better than starting the day with a tasty and healthy breakfast? Having such a breakfast while watching great international startups pitching their ideas and telling us how they disrupt different industries.

powered by Hamburg Startups & WickedWork in cooperation with Beiersdorf

12.00 pm – 01.00 pm

New industries and cross-sector collaborations

Corporations have traditionally been built upon one key product, eventually expanding their business based on that. R&D departments have been focusing on improving those existing product lines or identifying supporting business models.

powered by WickedWork

01.00 pm – 02.00 pm


powered by Mimi Hearing Technologies

02.00 pm – 03.00 pm

How to achieve gender balance in the music sector – comparing aims and measures in Europe and the U.S.

Keychange aims to accelerate change and create a better more inclusive music industry for present and future generations. At the same time the Recording Academy of Grammy Awards formed a Diversity & Inclusion Task Force to examine barriers and biases affecting women and other underrepresented voices in the music industry.

03.00 pm – 04.30 pm

The Future of Us – Exploring Immersive Media and Creating New Social Experiences

For some time now, Immersive Technology has been anticipated to be at that magical tipping point, becoming part of mainstream entertainment choices and even daily routines.

04.30 pm – 05.30 pm

Curation of events at the intersection of Creativity, Art, Science, and Technology

The nature of festivals and conferences has changed. For centuries, festivals were created around one form of art. Conferences were mostly industry driven and consisted of one directional formats.

Those lines are blurring and people from various backgrounds with different expectations collate on events these days. Content of festive attractions are blending together with sessions of experts who are eager to sharing their knowledge. Areas are more interconnected as a whole.

powered by Reeperbahn Festival and WickedWork

06.00 pm – 07.00 pm

Music and Sound for Immersive Film, Games And AV Experiences

The convergence of media and the rapid development of emerging technologies are opening up new horizons for musicians. Truly immersive experiences in movies and games require new approaches to music production. Eventually, creating new opportunities for artists to reach a broader audience.

powered by WickedWork

07.00 pm – 08.00 pm

VR/AR + Hannover & Friends Networking Reception

Meet and mingle with Virtual and Augmented Reality artists, immersive media innovators, tech entrepreneurs and representatives from the film, games and music industry.

powered by Sennheiser

08.30 pm – Midnight

Live Performances

08.00 pm – 08.45 pm ROBOT KOCH & DELHIA de FRANCE

09.00 pm – 09.45 pm CHAGALL

10.30 pm – 11.00 pm LAURA KRIEFMAN

11.00 pm – 00.15 am  Catnapp DJ

powered by WickedArtists

9.30 am – 11.00 am


11.00 am – 01.00 pm

Showcase & Presentation: World Of Mimi

Step into the World of Mimi at SXSW!
Experience personalized sound – a new, breathtaking way of listening to music. Mimi understands the human ear like no other audio company and offers you a superior sound experience by personalizing sound, based on your unique hearing ability, on any audio device. Try one of Mimi’s audio products and hear every detail in your favorite music.

powered by Mimi Hearing Technologies

01.30 pm – 04.00 pm

Speakers Corner (Backstage Room)

Closed For Public.

04.30 pm – 06.00 pm

Workshop + Presentation “SpiceVR”

Dive into the marvelous world of Spice VR and immerse yourself with three showcases of Spice VR experiences.

The Spherie-Experience Skycruise allows up to two person to fly together in VR in a Skycruiser over Germany. Visiting famous sights such as the Elphilharmonie, Black Forrest, etc.

In “The Gate”, two users can simultaneously travel as a research team through the particle accelerator DESY and experience the creation of the universe.

In the medibus, a collaboration between with DB and Cisco, two users become doctors and experience a mobile medical practice and have to treat a patient virtually (just on a world tour: Barcelona Cisco Live, Davos WEF, …).

powered by Spice VR in collaboration with WickedWork

06.30 pm – 08.00 pm

Workshop: FashionTech – Interactive Textiles meets AI

The designer Esther Zahn gives insights into the world of textile electronics. In a presentation, visitors will gain insights into the work of the Interactive Textiles Department of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence as well as into the work of the designers with whom the Research Center works. The workshop will show visitors how research and art can benefit from each other.

powered by Esther Zahn in collaboration with WickedWork

9.30 am – 11.15 am

VR Installation: Another World VR

Showcases and installations of photo-realistic and exciting VR experiences with an emphasis on storytelling, cinematic aesthetics and immersive gaming interactivity.

KOBOLD is a new kind of horror experience that blurs the line between cinema and VR gaming. Step into the shoes of an urban explorer investigating the mysterious case of a missing boy. Pick up your flashlight and discover the secrets of an abandoned villa in the middle of a dark forest in Germany. Immerse yourself in true, cinematic realism, explore an interactive universe, pick up clues and dare to venture deeper into a mystical world where your actions can have grave consequences.

PAGAN PEAK VR: Inspired by the Sky series, Pagan Peak VR takes the player on a journey to the darkest corners of the human mind. The player finds themselves in a mysterious alpine cabin, captured by the Krampus Killer. Their only chance to escape is to explore the cabin and solve the riddles laid out by the killer, emerging deeper and deeper into his psyche. In Pagan Peak VR, the player will take on the role of a criminal profiler, detective and psychologist in order to overcome the killer’s tricks and get out alive…

powered by Another World VR in collaboration with WickedWork

11.30 am – 01.00 pm

BALLAVITA: A cinematic narrative VR film

BALLAVITA: A cinematic narrative VR film

romantic fantasy, 30 minutes, Austria/Germany 2018

360° stereoscopic 6K, Ambisonic

Maria is a young, hotheaded but insecure tango dancer. During a rehearsal Maria loses her temper, after getting ridiculed by the other ensemble members. While leaving the building she falls through a trapdoor into a cellar, where she encounters an old man who invites her into his basement apartment.

The old man lures Maria into a mirror reality where she is immersed into her dreams and fantasies. The old man is trying to steal her dreams, so he can experience them whenever he wants. But Maria’s dreams quickly turn into nightmares…

Amilux Films is specialized in cinematic VR aiming to develop new immersive forms of storytelling.

powered by Amilux Films in collaboration with WickedWork

01.30 pm – 02.00 pm

Introduction Sister Moon’s Moonbouncing (U.S. PREMIER!)

This global project aims to elevate space awareness and will offer delegates the unique opportunity to literally send messages to the moon which will then be reflected off its surface through a collaboration between MPATHY, CAMRAS and the Dwingeloo Radio telescope. One of the world’s first radio astronomy antennas, transceives the echo of the moon of human voice, music instruments and sound art.

powered by Martine-Nicole Rojina (MPATHY)

02.00 pm – 04.00 pm

Live Moonbouncing (U.S. PREMIER!)

Delegates of SXSW will the unique opportunity to literally send messages to the moon and listen to the reflection of their words from its surface.

powered by MPATHY, CAMRAS and the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope in collaboration with WickedWork

04.30 pm – 06.00 pm

VR Installation: “MELD”

A conceptual VR + Brain Machine Interface audiovisual performance in which the performer composes and modulates the audio in virtual reality in real time, while sharing the output of his brainwaves via a procedurally generated 3D world.

powered by The Glad Scientist in collaboration with WickedWork

06.30 pm – 08.30 pm

Interactive Artwork: Mood Of The Festival

An immersive artwork by Juliana Petrozhitskaya & Andrey Vrady showcasing the dialogue between people and technology. How technology perceives human beings and how through the lens of the artist’s computational code we might look as art. It reads mimes and reactions of our guest’s faces and converts them into biometric data. In real-time, the software of the artists transforms the actual ‘mood of the visitor’ into the collective ‘mood of the festival’. Delegates and visitors of the GERMAN HAUS will see their emotions transformed into projections of lights and colors. A real new perspective of our own sentiments and of SXSW guests happen right before our eyes.

powered by Münchner Science & Fiction Festival in collaboration with WickedWork

08.30 pm – 10.00 pm

Interactive Music Installation: Nagual Dance

A revolutionary software that translates movement into a variety of harmonious sounds, creating a unique and interactive music experience from one performance to another. Rather than reacting to the music, the user receives instant musical responses based on their movements. This begins an exciting cycle of different sounds, which you explore with your body. You don’t dance to the music, the music dances to you. Nagual Dance puts you inside the music. It transforms your body into an instrument and each dance session into an engaging performance.

powered by Nagual Sounds in collaboration with WickedWork

9.30 am – 2.30 pm

Installation: The Future Is Not Unwritten

THE FUTURE IS NOT UNWRITTEN is a Smart Film about Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism. An intelligent film which narrates and transforms itself endlessly, using machine learning and deep learning code. Implemented algorithms – used by GOOGLE to create AI – are utilized to explore the gigantic dimension of current developments.

Are we developing into „Übermenschen“, into „Super-Humans“ or are we getting rid of ourselves? Ethical categories or historical blueprints are missing: there is no case study on the abolition of mankind.

THE FUTURE IS NOT UNWRITTEN is an alternative contribution to this discourse. A narrative corridor between art and science that approaches the moral renegotiation of the human being.

powered by Susanne Steinmassl in collaboration with WickedWork

03.30 pm – 11.30 pm

Installation: EURYDIKE

Art Installation. Music Theatre. Real Life Game. Mixed Reality Experience.

EURYDIKE combines the potential of visual arts, music theatre, film, games and hightech in a virtual-analogue world to challenge current gender topics –
explicitly the role of women in our hightech society. An accessible, interactive room installation– a “play mobile” on tour – as haptic venue to be explored with all senses, is therefore enhanced by Augmented and Virtual Reality techno-ogies as well as 3D sound.

The Mixed Reality Experience EURYDIKE combines the potential of visual arts, music theatre, film, games and hightech in a virtual-analogue world to challenge current gender topics – explicitly the role of women in our hightech society. An accessible, interactive room installation – a “play mobile” on tour – as haptic venue to be explored with all senses, is therefore enhanced by Augmented and Virtual Reality techno-ogies as well as 3D sound.

powered by Evelyn Hribersek in collaboration with WickedWork

9.30 am – 01.00 pm

Co-Working Lounge

01.00 pm – 02.00 pm


powered by Mimi Hearing Technologies

02.00 pm – 03.00 pm

Presentation & Showcase: Berlin, Sound, and a Public Institution for the Global Community

Immersive art and electronic music have emerged as interrelated forms in the public awareness, while ways in which they are presented together are rapidly evolving.

Increasing numbers of artistic works, exhibitions and installations can be found on display in traditional art spaces. This is made possible, in part, by growing support and acceptance from a wide range of galleries, museums and institutions, while technological developments in this area combined with creative thinking are leading to new initiatives.

This suggests a widespread interest in the field and increased adoption by formerly silent and motionless physical spaces to foster new experiences of sound, immersive art, and electronic music. Encouraging this paradigm shift stands as one of several causes the Institute for Sound and Music organization (Berlin ISM) has dedicated itself.

In this presentation, Meehan will highlight the significance of the ISM Exhibition Campaign, it’s relevance to Berlin, and connection to the sound community throughout the world. The technology is here, and Berlin is the right place for such an institution to flourish.

powered by ISM in collaboration with WickedWork

03.30 pm – 05.00 pm

MusicTech Quick Pitch Session

5-10 minute live showcases and presentations of the most forward-thinking visionary minds in music techology. Startups that are working on innovations for new creative and economic opportunities for musicians, artists and the music indsutry.

powered by MusicTech Germany

05.00 pm – 07.00 pm

MusicTech Mixer

The MusicTech Mixer at GERMAN HAUS invites music-tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and the innovators of tomorrow’s music-tech ecosystem, as well as those who simply love music and technology seeking to learn more about how merge both areas. Whether you are already in the music-tech business, you are an artists, or also if you are just someone who is interested in how technology can help your music to evolve – you are in the right place.

The MusicTech Mixer at GERMAN HAUS is meant to facilitate networking and partnership opportunities, exchange thoughts and experiences between musictechnologists, and provide a platform in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss new ideas for future collaborations.

Get inspired, meet and mingle with other musictechies and make new friends while enjoying free drinks and snacks.

powered by MusicTech Germany

07.30 pm – 09.30 pm

Showcase: BroomX

Broomx Technologies presents their MK Player360 device. The most advanced tool to enjoy Virtual Reality in real spaces.

powered BroomX in collaboration with WickedWork

10.30 pm – 01.00 pm

AV Midnight

Virtual Reality-Art is an emerging genre that inspires artists from diverse creative backgrounds. The visitor consistently being in the centre of the artistic experience generates new ways of engaging with art. Currently we can observe a strong trend of combining the physical experience with the virtual reality art works, either by means of complete set installations or sensory triggers. What can this expanded spectrum of opportunities mean for the artists? Does the blending of the physical and virtual space empower the experience of perception? How do VR and the physical environment correlate? During the AV-night at German House we want to explore diverse artistic VR experiences and discuss the questions about possibilities and limits.

powered by Ulrich Schrauth, Artistic Director VRHAM! Festival, Hamburg

9.30 am – 01.00 pm

Co-Working Lounge

01.00 pm – 02.00 pm


powered by Mimi Hearing Technologies

02.00 pm – 07.00 pm

Co-Working Lounge

07.00 pm – 22.30 pm


10.30 pm – 01.00 am

Installations: AV Midnight

VR installations:

„Trail of Angels“ (Kristina Buozyte (artist) is present)

„TRANS//FORM“ (last year’s VRHAM! Festival winner in the category „HH EMERGING ARTISTS“)

“-22,7°” (Jan Kounen, Molécule, Amaury La Burthe)

powered by VRHAM!

04.30 pm – 22.30 pm

Audio Installation: Moonbounce Samples

A sonic installation featuring live recordings from this afternoon’s Live Moonbounce Session.

powered by MPATHY in collaboration with WickedWork

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